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Hassle-Free Window Blind Cleaning Services

Let Us Restore the Beauty of Your Blinds

Get the comprehensive services you deserve for your window blinds. Our staff of highly trained professionals can provide superior cleaning services for all your window covering needs.

We Love Cleaning Blinds

We provide expert cleaning for your window coverings. No matter what kind of blinds, shades or dapery you have in your home or office space, we can get them as clean as possible. We specialize in cleaning silhouettes, luminettes, duettes, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and most other window covering products. Call Shine-A-Blind Cleaning • Repair • Sales today!

State-Of-The-Art Mini Blinds and Two-Inch Blinds Cleaning

We'll provide cleaning and repairs for your mini or two-inch blinds with our fast and friendly services. These repairs often involve replacing the tilt mechanism, damaged slats, cord locks, wide cotton tapes, braided ladders, tape barrels, or broken wood wands. We have got the knowledge and experience you need.

Our truck is completely equipped with all the items needed to meet your window cleaning and repair needs.

We come to your home, remove the blinds from the windows, clean, dry, and rehang them. It doesn't matter if the blinds are metal or cloth, our cleaning process will not cause any damage to your window coverings. Your security and convenience are always our priority.


Step-By-Step Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: Our technicians come to your home or place of business. Our trained techncians will evaluate and estimate your cleaning cost. 
  • Step 2: The technicians remove the blinds or shades from its window, number the blind to its corresponding window.
  • Step 3: The blinds or shades are submerged in an ultrasonic bath, which cleans the entire blind. The ultrasonic cleaning tank uses patented ultrasonic technology, which sends intense sound waves through the water and is 100% environmentally safe cleaning solution which “blasts” the dirt off the blinds and shades. After cleaning, the blinds and shades are rinsed thoroughly with de-ionized water to ensure there are no water spots left on the blinds.
  • Step 4: The blinds are dry and then brought back to the home or office and hung back in its original window.
We can't wait to get started on your project. Call us today!

Our team is ready to make your blinds look brand new. Call us at 
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